Chamber Music Days Barth

"Small, but fine. This maxim seems to suit perfectly to Barth Chamber Music Days. "

Ostsee Zeitung, 19. Oktober 2005

In March 2011, the "Chamber Music Days Barth" celebrated its 10th anniversary. From the numerous spring concerts, which took place the first time in 2001 under the motto "riends playing for friends" it developed a wonderful musical tradition.

The artistic director and founder Martin Panteleev: "Chamber music was played in the past for the family and for the closest friends in the own living room."
And indeed! In the very intimate atmosphere of the hall of "Speicher Barth" Martin Panteleev creates and invites the musicians to captivate audiences again with their level of interpretation, the level of emotion and spontaneity.
Every year the guests can enjoy important and exciting compositions for chamber ensembles from duo to octet. The festival days are following a fresh way of presenting different kind of musical ideas. However, some evenings have firmly established themselves because of their success in the past years.

At the opening Gala concert, the "Art Club Martin Panteleev" invites extraordinary and high-caliber soloists. Memorable performances were given by artists such as Justus Franz, Dieter Flury, Vesko Eschkenazy and Derek Han.

May be one of the most spectacular events is the "evening of the experiments".
One is given the opportunity to experience something really special. During the hours the audience is pleased with creative and exciting musical treats. Thus in the past, for example, topics taken up such as "Art of the drums," "Tango meets Classic" or "Meditation through spontaneous music".

To win the friends of classical music of the future, Martin Panteleev provides the stage of "Speicher Barth" for the implementation of various projects by young artists of     "Katharina von Hagenow High School".

In 2004 for the first time was performed the four-hour marathon by Franz Schubert which the press honorably mentioned as
"applause for crazy music ideas". Since then, this marathon and final evening of the festival is a unique feature of the "Chamber Music Days Barth" and is dedicated always to different great composers.